• In this pack, I try to improves, upgrade and repair a lot of things while keeping the Vanilla style.
  • This pack is NOT designed for Fast Graphics!
  • OptiFine is NOT required but you will see more differences by playing with it (or with mods CIT Resewn, CEM etc.).
  • Feel free to report all issues, feedback and concerns directly to me in DMs.
  • If you don't like bushy leaves, you can download this addon.
  • If you play with mods, check out addon that supports some of them (1.20.1).

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 English (US)



 Chinese (Simplified)





  • With mod OptiGUI, villagers on multiplayer servers display the inventory incorrectly (e.g. a shop in Bed Wars).



  • Vanilla Tweaks
    • Different Stems
    • Colorful Enchanting Table Particles
    • Unique Dyes
    • Animated Campfire Items
    • Circular Sun and Moon
    • Variated Coarse Dirt
    • Variated Grass
    • Variated Cobblestone
    • Variated Moss
    • Variated Red Mushroom Blocks
    • Variated Gravel
    • Variated Mycelium
    • Variated Bookshelves
    • Diminising Tools
    • Visual Infested Stone (Items)
    • Clear Banner Patterns
    • Sticky Piston Sides
    • Visual Honey Stages
    • Visual Note Block Pitch
    • Lower Fire
    • Lower Shield
    • Translucent Pumpkin Overlay
    • Smoother Font
    • Redstone Wire Fix
    • Big Dripleaf Stem Fix
    • Small Dripleaf Stem Fix
    • Pixel Consistent Beacon Beam
    • Iron Bars Fix
    • Cloud Fog Fix
    • Hopper Bottom Fix
    • Tuxedo Cat Fix
  • Reijvi
    • Pumpkins Reimagined
    • Chests Reimagined (only ender chest - modified)
    • Reimagined (only debug stick item)
  • Xalixilax
    • xali's Enhanced Biomes: River & Pond (only waterlogged rusted rails - modified)
  • Gouchnox
    • Unique Spawn Eggs (modified)
  • Voidomon
    • Voidomon's Wolf Pack
  • StormDragon77
    • Stormilla (only frogspawn, dripleafs, repeater, comparator and boats items - modified)
  • Careeoki
    • Animated Buckets (modified)
  • FabichGM_Arts
    • Biomes Wandering Trader (modified)
  • LarsMans
    • Better Map Items
  • Blackdragon6547
    • Phantom Elytra