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Welcome dear Survivors.

Have you ever played with the Mutant Beast Mod, and getting bored of those green ugly Mutant Zombies ?
Well if you enjoy my resource pack Tissou's Zombie Pack, this one is made for you !



Using Optifine to work, I propose you a new visual experience ingame with mutant zombies. With over 30 new textures, TZP Plus is based on the Mutant Beasts Mod

created by Chumbanotz and mainly by shcott21.


Pic1Keep in mind that you need Optifine  and obviously Mutant Beasts to have full advantage of my texture pack 😄


pic2And once again, I want to give full credits to Chumbanotz who recreated that amazing mod based on shcott21's Mutant Creatures.

No stealing, or leaves credits.😊


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