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329 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 3, 2020 Game Version: 1.8.9

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This resource pack reworks the models of blocks which were misleading (i.e. not accurate to their in-game collision). New models are designed to look fairly accurate and natural-looking.

TrueModels is intended for 1.8 parkour. It should be compatible with other resource packs, but was designed with vanilla/faithful textures in mind.

See for a complete documentation of solid blocks and their collision boxes in 1.8.



Corrected models:

- Fence

- Fence Gate

- Wall

- Ladder

- Pane / Iron Bar

- Snow Layers

- Anvil

- Cauldron

- Hopper

- Brewing Stand

- Dragon Egg

- Cactus

- Lily Pad

- End Portal Frame (filled)

- Bed Parts

- Farmland

- Lever (adapted to hitbox)

- Pressure Plate (adapted to trigger box)

- Piston Head (including glitched west-facing variant)


Improved models:

- Trapdoor

- Cobweb


Corrected missing textures:

- Flower pot

- Redstone

- Repeater & Comparator

- Door parts


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