Tokyo Ghoul Hotbar ANIMATED

title - znygames


I'm super excited to introduce you to my brand new texture pack: Tokyo Ghoul!

In this texture pack all hotbar graphics have been completely reworked and animated.
No loader is required and can be used without mods or with.
More information below!

If you're a fan of Tokyo Ghoul, i hope you'll love this pack!
If you like the pack, I would be very happy about a subscription!

Feel free to leave me feedback.
THX! znygames


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No loader is required and can be used without mods

hotbar - znygames

armor - znygames
The armor bar: a suitcase from the ccg with the matching weapon

health - znygames
The health bar: the eye of Ken Kaneki

hunger - znygames
The hunger bar: an animated cup from the anteiku cafe

bubbles - znygames
The air bar: bubbles

xpbar - znygames
The XP bar: Here I found the effect fitting

hotbar - znygames
The hotbar: here I tried to put kagune with a slight animation

eye - znygames
Cool down: the red eye of Ken

lefthand - znygames
The left hand: the mask of ken animated


This texturepack does not require a loader or mods. It can be treated normally like a texturepack or resourcepack.
Of course it also works with a loader like Fabric. If you have any questions, please write in the comments or on Discord.

See you in the next pack!