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Welcome the Thy Explorer's Pack thread.


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With the actual situation, well some of us change leasures. Here you can find an old pack designed around x16 survival/realistic close to Vanilla Resource pack.

Many textures are in the work; nether not, at least not before the 1.16 releases.

Apart from historic textures and some more recent ones, everything is subject to change.
Don't like a texture? Let me know, I can change it!


P:S my old account on Curse is not accessible anymore, so a lot is lost in time. But feel free to download here or from PMC.

This pack intend to give a more neutral and realistic feel to minecraft.
The goal is to give to survival Minecraft the feel to explore a real new world, with likely appearance, color and shape.
Also, this pack intend to change the gameplay a little. For example, looking for iron and gold is harder without torches as in real life, those ores are find in traces.

So prepare your pickaxe, and your old steak for the adventure!


you can :
-Share and remix this pack as you wish, but tell my name in the credits and your thread. Also, put a link of your work in the Minecaft forum thread (link on the right) to share with us what you've done.
-Make videos.

you can't:
-Don't use this work for commercial purposes.
-Don't claim work as you own if it's not (it counts if someone can recognize my work).




2nd August 2020

7 concrete CTM
sides vetical CTM for dark oak planks
wolf texture
nether gold ore



Maybe more! ;)

Try it, you won't be disappointed :)

Additional Notes

Use with Optifine, absolutely. Or you'll discover the awful reality.. Minecraft is awful!
Some textures use the repeat feature of Optifine and it is way better. Same for foliage and water colors.

Also, I recommend to use this pack with Biome 'o Plenty, Tektopia and Dynamic Light. That really fit together! :)



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