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Texture pack designed to giving you a better experience in medieval combat. It includes various types of weapons such as spears, halberds, warhammer, great swords and a large number of shields. It also includes sounds that will make you feel in a different game, sounds like clashes of swords, screams for taking damage, bow/crossbow shot, step sounds and more.



Style and design 

For lovers of medieval style, all the textures in this pack are designed in the medieval age, where many of the objects are built with wood and stone, with a dark color to give it a touch of seriousness. The main design of the pack is pixelart unlike the previous pack where it was photorealistic.



Thalyrus II it’s development started on October 2020 and continues to this day, I have been working hard to learn how to use pixelart and be able to offer a good quality to this new pack. The idea of thalyrus is to bring a new medieval atmosphere to minecraft, each texture is designed in this age, with the aim of making you feel that you are in a new game. Thalyrus II The new texture pack made by SachoSenior. Unlike its predecessor (Thalyrus Medieval Warfare) whose style was based on photo realism, Thalyrus II brings a new style of design in all textures using pure PixelArt, with the same idea of improving combat and pure medieval style.


Thalyrus II Medieval Age © 2021
Made by SachoSenior 



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