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Survival and Craft v1.4 (Reborn)

 "important": Survival and Craft and its expansions is only available on curseforge and no other site that has resource packs. if you find a site that has "SaC" that isn't curseforge then please report it to me. //survivalcrafter_official

Sneak peek on next update for Survival and Craft

Sorry, there is currently no new update sneak peek available



Survival and Craft [Better leaves and woods] (Expansion)

Survival and Craft [Better landscape] (Expansion)


About Survival and Craft

Survival and Craft is a modelpack for minecraft survivalmode wher the goal is to make all items and and craftingblocks to new models. Survival and Craft also works in creative mode in the building aspect point of view but it works best in survivalmode in Minecraft. Survival and Craft contains more then 250 models and the amount of models increases for each update so I suggest that you haw a strong computer (See system requirements down below)for the best performance for your minecraft.



You can combine Survival and Craft with other texturepacks Instead of using minecraft vanilla textures, but I recommend that you use the vanilla textures for the best experience of this modelpack. 

"important": Optifine is only needed for the optifine futures otherwise no optifine is needed to use Survival and Crafts vanilla functions!

Recommended shaders if using optifine.

Continuum(link)          SEUS(link)


Important: by using Survival and Craft/download it so are you Accepting SurvivalCrafts license that applies to all custom models, textures and sound files that are found in Survival and Craft and its expansions. see license below 


Terms of use


By using Survivalcrafter_official  Resource packs so are you commiting not to copy or publish or make changes to existing models, resourcepacks, textures and sounds/music.

  <The license agreement cannot be broken whether the files are on your device or not and if this is broken then legal acts will be taken against you>



Genom att använda Survivalcrafter_official  resurspack så förbinder du dig till att inte kopiera eller publicera eller göra ändringar på befintliga modeller, resourcepack, textures och sounds/music. 

<Detta licens avtalet går inte att bryta oavsett om filerna är på din enhet eller inte och om detta bryts kommer rättsakter att vidtas mot dig>