Stay True is a visual remaster of the current default texturepack, I tweaked and changed a lot of current textures that I thought needed it. The changes are not drastic and still fit perfectly with the current color scheme and textures of the default texture pack, many of these changes will add a lot more diversity, removing repetitiveness which in turn results in a more realistic and overall nicer appearance. (in my opinion :P)

NOTE: This pack is still being updated. So be sure to download the latest version. 


Connected textures


Pink Birch Leaves

and more.

Dont want Bushy Leaves?

Download this addon the remove bushy leaves. (will be updated to 1.20 soon)

Maps Used for Screenshots.
Novigrad by ElysiumFire.

Shaders Used.

Sildurs Vibrant Shaders and BSL Shaders


Birch Leaves are white how do i fix?

If you are usings mods like fabric, make sure Stay True is at the top of the Resourse Packs/ mods list.

Can I have permission to use this in my modpack I will give credit?

Yes :)

My leaves aren't working correctly how do I fix it? 

You need to have your leaves on fancy.

How do I make it so I only have orange leaves?

Navigate to assets/minecraft/optifine/cmt/leaves/birch_leaves/orange and copy the texture files, then go back to the cherry_blossom folder and paste the files in there. This will replace the pink leaves with orange leaves.

How do I make it so I only have pink leaves?

Navigate to assets/minecraft/optifine/cmt/leaves/birch_leaves/cherry_blossom
copy the leave texture files, go back and paste them in the orange folder. Also paste them in blocks folder located minecraft/assets/textures/blocks

How do I disable the birch leave colors?

Open the "green birch leaves" folder located assets/minecraft/textures/blocks/green_birch_leaves copy the texture files and paste in the following areas assets/minecraft/textures/block, assets/minecraft/optifine/ctm/leaves/birch_leaves/cherry_blossom, assets/minecraft/optifine/ctm/leaves/birch_leaves/orangeTo remove the orange grass in birch biomes go to the "no green grass" folder located assets/minecraft/textures/colormap copy the grass texture file and paste in the colormap folder replacing the old one.

The leave colors don't look correct with certain mods installed how can I Fix this?

Unfortunately I don't have any experience with mod compatibility issues but I believe deleting the colormap folder might fix the problem these are located assets/minecraft/textures/colormap also assets/minecraft/textures/optifine/colormap.

 Some Birch trees have both orange and pink leaves?

This happens when a tree is on the border of a biome where one biome has orange leaves and one pink. From my knowledge there is nothing that can be done to fix this. Other than only having one leave color.

I don't have block variations or connected textures?

You need to turn these on in the settings menu with optifine installed. You need connected textures on fancy and alternate blocks turned on.