Spryzeen's Zombie variants

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Filename ---ZombieVariants---.zip
Uploaded by Spryzeen__
Uploaded Sep 17, 2022
Game Version 1.19.2  
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Supported Minecraft 1.19 Versions


The pack has inside (You need to open the zip) an addon that makes the pack compatible with fresh animations (see screenshots, This's only an addon you need to download fresh animations and use it with the pack and the addon)

Compatible with Spryzeen's Healthbars (see screenshots)

Every mob has ipattern at start of its name (you no longer need to respect capital letters)


↺ Changed pack icon
↺ Texture changes on all textures

↺ Some name changes


+ Desert support

+ Husk support

+ Husk has these variants: 

   - Ancient mummy 

   - Rage mummy

   - 100% mummy

   - Mummy

   - Pharaoh mummy

   - Elixir mummy

   - Royal guard mummy

When the moon is full, a special variant of husk called Moon mummy appears 


+ Explorer zombie

+ Bandit zombie

+ Sanded zombie, Cactus sanded zombie and dead bush sanded zombie

+ Recluse zombie

+ Fake mummy (it's a zombie variant/ no husk)

+ 100% fake mummy

+ Pharaoh zombie


+ Radiactive zombie

+ Hazmat zombie and Radiactive hazmat zombie

+ Ultra rare Rainbow slime zombie variant (only appears on slime partys)

+ Swamp thing variant


+ Added werewolf event (When the moon is full they appears on forest, taiga and giant spruce taiga/ also has an snowy variant that appear on snowy taiga)

+ black werewolf

+ gold werewolf

+ brown werewolf

+ gray werewolf

+ werewolf


+ lumberjack and farmer zombie

+ 80's zombie

+ PvZ zombie (easter egg)

+ Honey inside zombie 

+ Wither rose grass zombie

+ Magma zombie

+ Very mossy zombie

+ Magma miner zombie

+ Fall pointed dripstone zombie


+ Miner now has variants (diamond, redstone, amethyst, emerald and uranium)

+ Now miners spawn on every biome [Y0: to Y:(-64)]  

+ miners has variants for dripstone caves and lush caves

+ Magma miner zombie


- Remove unnecesary variants (or some variants that needs more work)