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Hey guys, Frosthaven here to present to you SpaceBucket UI! If you ever felt like the default in game UI wasn't space-bound enough for you or lacked that little extra love, then this resource pack is for you!


SpaceBucket UI is a pack designed to give in game GUI elements some sci-fi love. See the demonstration below for a visual guide through all of the new GUI menus!

SpaceBucket UI YouTube Demonstration


Did you know? SpaceBucketUI fits perfectly with the Norzeteus Space created by Norzeteus.

Special Thanks to the following stream viewers who participated in live feedback during the design process:

  • Alex Cochran
  • Adrian
  • Monert Riot
  • Reeslloyd
  • HiddenSpikeTrap
  • Kurosen1432


Design Notes:


This plugin uses an en_US.lang file to hide the default in-game text of some UI elements. If you are not a user of the English client, you may need to create your own <LOCALE>.lang file within the resource pack folders. I may do this by default if demand is high enough.


If you like this design, feel free to use/edit/redistribute however you feel most beneficial to yourself. You may also repackage this for use with your own texture packs if you desire. All I ask is that you give credit where it's due.


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