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Uploaded by artdude543
Uploaded Dec 24, 2016
Game Version 1.11.2
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A new year dawns on us soon. A new chance to start at conquering your world, the villagers are plotting to take over and rule your lands. But fear not! Fanver is here to make your world a better place and to rally them away. From exploring the new realms to monuments you can uncover the clues to their plans. Whilst embracing yourself in the pure and smooth looks of Fanver. Including new 3D models and even more. Even cobblestone looks detailed down the grain. (You should go check it out, I mean why would you not build with cobble now?)


But getting back to the main point of this changelog. You can see our busy bees have been hard at work at getting this update out. With the changes Mojang has done with improvements and new textures to make your worlds a whole lot more fun. So if you'd like take a gander at the changes below and that the people who helped out. They'll love the feedback and support from you guys! As we are all a community after all. 


So a huge thank you from the Soartex Fanver Team for your continued support and we wish you a Happy Holidays and a New Year!

Added Blocks

  • Shulker Top (all color variations) - by Valsis
  • Observer Block - by Valsis

Added Items

  • Shulker Shell - by JasonZ617
  • Iron Nugget - by Valsis
  • Totem - by Valsis
  • Exploration Map - by JasonZ617

Added Map

  • Map Icons (updated) - by JasonZ617

Added GUI

  • Shulker Box - by Valsis
  • Beacon (updated) - by JasonZ617
  • Stats Icons (updated) - by Valsis
  • Villager (updated) - by Valsis
  • Horse (updated) by Valsis
  • Inventory (updated) - by JasonZ617

Added Mobs

  • Shulker (all color variations) - by Valsis
  • Llama Folder:
    • Llama - by Valsis
    • Llama Brown - by Valsis
    • Llama Creamy - by Valsis
    • Llama Gray - by Valsis
    • Llama White - by Valsis
    • Llama Spit - by Valsis
    • Llama Decor - by JasonZ617
  • Illager Folder:
    • Evoker - by JasonZ617, Shoeboxam & Valsis
    • Fangs - by Shoeboxam
    • Vex - by Shoeboxam & Valsis
    • Vex charging - by Shoeboxam & Valsis
    • Vindicator - by JasonZ617