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Uploaded by Soartex
Uploaded Jun 28, 2016
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 30.26 MB
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MD5 2be7465b1c169ad5708a3f5729310fcb
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions


The Polar Bear have escaped the north pole and are now in your game! They are also the most adorable things ever. Also enjoy some new blocks to build your creations. Getting to the main point, we've added the new textures and updated some to make it even more enjoyable. Along with a few more 3D models have been added to the game.


If you find any bugs or required help please point your browser to our forums for help / support.


As always thank you for the continued support and enjoy the wonderful textures of Soartex Fanver.

Added Blocks

  • Bone Block - by JasonZ617
  • Bone Block Top - by JasonZ617
  • Magma - by Valsis
  • Magma.png.mcmeta - by Valsis
  • Nether Wart Block - by Valsis
  • Red Nether Brick - by Valsis
  • Red Nether Brick 2 - By Valsis
  • Structure Block - by JasonZ617
  • Structure Block Corner - by JasonZ617
  • Structure Block Data - by JasonZ617
  • Structure Block Load- by JasonZ617
  • Structure Block Save - by JasonZ617

Added Items

  • Chorus Fruit - by Valsis
  • Chorus Fruit Popped - by Valsis

Added Mobs

  • Polar Bear - by Valsis
  • Stray - by Valsis
  • Stray Overlay - by Valsis
  • Husk - by Valsis