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This project makes use of the ESRGAN AI, click here view the GitHub.


Smart Upscale is a project which uses artificial intelligence to upscale Minecraft's textures. See what the AI sees!


What Smart Uspcale Does:

Smart Upscale makes use of artificial intelligence to upscale Minecraft's textures to a higher resolution. Due to several factors, including the AI being trained for realistic photos, this results in its own special art style. An art style of which was made by a computer.


Features Offered By Smart Upscale:

- 1020 x 1020 scaled textures

- Vanilla Support (No Optifine Needed)

- Texture Size Optimization

- New Entity Textures

- New Environment Textures (Rain, Snow, Sun, Moon, etc)

- New Block Textures


How these features effect you, the user:

These features will allow users to see for themselves how an AI truly thinks Minecraft's textures look at a higher resolution. Due to the size of these textures, despite their optimization, users may want to dedicate a decent amount of RAM to their game to reduce chances of possible lag spikes.


 Non-Placeable items will not be included in the first batch of Pack Updates due to Resource Loading issues. They are, however, all upscaled and a solution is currently in the works to counter this issue.


For early updates on the pack & its progress, be sure to follow SmartUpscale on Instagram!


--As seen on MinecraftFrance