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130,450 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 28, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

Slight Depth is a resource pack for Minecraft: Java Edition 1.15 and 1.16 that adds various vanilla-faithful models to your game.
The resource pack is in development, more models are to come in the future!
Optifine is advised for Minecraft 1.12 version.

1.16 B4   •   GitHub

About the pack

Slight Depth adds a subtle layer of depth to the world through simple, yet detailed 3D models for different blocks and items, staying true to the vanilla look of the game. Unlike other popular 3D resource packs, Slight Depth does not make everything perfectly 3D to every single pixel but instead shoots for that sweet spot somewhere between the original Minecraft feel and the look of super detailed models. Carefully adjusting the depth and not being afraid to utilize proper angles present Slight Depth as a truly faithful addon for the game.


Key features

  • Adds detailed, but faithful 3D models for select blocks and items in true vanilla fashion!
  • A proper balance between the level of detail and performance.
  • Smooth tools and weapons without jagged edges.
  • Detailed and alternating bookshelves to make your enchanting setup unique and eye-pleasing.
  • Vanilla-feeling interiors for furnaces, jukeboxes, and others, adding some more life inside them.
  • Realistic, varied, and performance-friendly models for certain crops and flowers.
  • Specular and emissive textures for some reflective or glowing surfaces.
  • Optifine and shaders are not required to use Slight Depth!


  • 1.16 version - fully compatible with 1.15. It's also usable in 1.14 and 1.13 without major incompatibilities. Current development priority.
  • 1.12 version - fully compatible with 1.11. It's also usable in 1.10 and 1.9 without major incompatibilities. Less maintained than the version above.
  • Some crops and flowers may look badly distorted if your shader pack has wavy plants setting enabled. Some packs like BSL Shaders give you an option disable wavy effect for crops and flowers but keep it on for other blocks.
  • Slight Depth provides its own textures for the models, however, some flat block textures are taken from the resource packs below (for example the obsidian part of the Enchantment Table). If there are any other incompatibilities, create an issue on GitHub.

Future plans

  • Crops: stems, berry bushes, nether wart
  • Redstone: repeater, comparator, daylight sensor
  • Utility: crafting table, cartography table, loom, blast furnace, smoker
  • Tools: fishing rod, shears, crossbow, trident icon


Don't claim the pack or its contents as your own creation.
Slight Depth cannot be redistributed outside of CurseForge and GitHub. Download link must redirect to either of those sites.
Use in screenshots and videos is allowed (and more than welcome!). Please leave credit in the video description.
Use in mod packs must be approved by me and credited in a visible location.
Use in a dedicated server mash-up resource pack is allowed if credited within that pack.
Sticky piston side texture is a modified file from Vanilla Tweaks.


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