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1,671 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 15, 2019 Game Version: 1.14.4
Are you fed up and can't handle broken shield patterns, and you need to find a pack to fix it?
Don't worry! This resource pack can fix that for you :)
Here is what banner patterns on shield looks like on Default and on Shield Corrections
and it works well too for every banner creations on shields
 It supports several mods either

Additional Banners
Immersive Engineering
Actually Additions
Ice and Fire

Lowered Shield and Shield Blocking in First Person view
It has 2 editions
Regular Edition and Colored Borders Edition (changes color when it's based from banner itself)


+ Additions | - Additions Removed | ~ Additions Changed | * Bug Fixes

0.12.1 (15/8/2019):
+ 17 more patterns from Ice and Fire mod
~ Blocking shield now lowered in both hands (It should be as same size in left hand as right hand)

~ [Regular] and [Colored] text are now colored into different colors
~ Resource pack description


0.12.0 (1/8/2019):
+ 4 more patterns from Additional Banners
+ "Tiny Potato" pattern from Quark
+ It now support Ice and Fire mod
+ 5 Shield variants from shield_base file (can be only changed by replacing shield photo)
~ "ShieldCorrections" became simply known as "Shield Corrections"
~ Resource pack description


0.11.0 (4/4/2019):
+ "Globe" pattern
+ More patterns from Additional Banners
~ "[RG]" and "[CB]" pack name are changed into "[Regular]" and "[Colored]"
~ Resource pack description


0.10.0 (15/11/2018):
~ Imported shield texture from 1.14

~ It now supports all 1.14 versions (still supporting older versions either)
+ More patterns from Additional Banners and Botania Mod
- Changelog.txt


0.9.1 (25/5/2018):
~ 2 versions in-pack folder is now a in-pack zip


0.9.0 (22/5/2018):
+ It now support Botania mod
+ It now support Actually Additions mod
+ Changelog.txt to see lastest-oldest updates in-pack
+ It now supports all 1.13 versions (still supporting older versions either)
+ It now has 2 editions (Regular and Colored Borders)
~ 2 versions in-pack rar is now a in-pack folder
~ Resource pack description
- blank.png from shield file


0.8.0 (19/5/2017):
+ It now supports all 1.12 versions (still supporting older versions either)
+ It now support Immersive Engineering mod


0.7.0 (11/9/2016):
~ Shield in 1st person view should be more look like as in 3rd person view
~ Resource pack description tells now last update you've downloaded


0.6.0 (11/8/2016):
+ It now supports all 1.11 versions (still supporting older versions either)


0.5.0 (7/6/2016):
+ It now support Quark mod
+ It now supports all 1.10 versions (still supporting 1.9 versions either)
~ Resource pack logo


0.4.0 (14/4/2016):
* Reseted every pattern from shield file


0.3.0 (2/4/2016):
+ It now support Additional Banners mod
~ Resource pack logo
- Splashes


0.2.0 (1/4/2016):
* Dark outlines on shields


0.1.0 (31/3/2016):
+ It supports all 1.9 versions
* Shield patterns
+ Resource pack logo
+ Colored borders
+ Splashes


Thanks for playing it! :regen: by MissNyanolina:Daxe:


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