Scape and Run: Parasites Resource Pack

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19,471 Downloads Last Updated: May 2, 2022 Game Version: 1.12.2  
A pack of resources and textures for modification Scape and Run: Parasites

- All entity, gui, particles and blocks were changed and redrawn in a higher resolution - x32
- All blocks have a random texture variants
- I have kept the canonicity of the colors of all modification elements

Update Screen v1.2

Update Screen v1.2
- Add textures for new creatures: Primitive Devourer, Crux, Heed, Assimilated Ender Dragon
- Retextured creatures: Adapted Longarms, Heavy Carrier, Flying Carrier, Sheep, Assimilated Big Spider
- New gui buff / debuff icons
- Add textures for new plant "Ringlet"
- Fixed texture for block "Flesh Stairs"

Update Screen v1.1

Update v1.1


This resource pack works with any custom minecraft pack without breaking the integrity of the vanilla pack or other modification. You can use it however you want, I will closely follow the mod updates and keep this resource pack updated.

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