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Sapixcraft Bedrock/MCPE & Java Edition! [Marketplace Released]

Interested in a Minecraft Bedrock version?







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Have a new experience with a HD, cartoony and clean Resource Pack!

Sapixcraft has bright and vibrant colors while keeping the original Minecraft feel.

It's currently available all the way up to 512x512 for Java Edition and Bedrock Edition!


There are also add-ons and mod patches available to customize your experience (links below).



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✨ - Only the 32x version of the pack is available here! For 512x, 256x, 128x, 64x and 16x resolutions
 ——> Visit my website! ➡️👉 WEBSITE 🔗]


✨ - Early access to updates, exclusive Add-ons, Bedrock Edition and other benefits
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✨ - For older Minecraft versions dating all the way back to 1.8.9
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forest using Sapixcraft resource pack 
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🌿 Lush Foliage Add-on

⚔️ PVP Add-on

🦣 Colossal Items Add-on

🎄 Christmas Add-on 2022


[ 📃 List of all Add-ons ]


savanna using Sapixcraft resource pack


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Want to give feedback on the pack or want a nice place to chat?

➡️   Join the Sapixcraft Discord! 😄💬   ⬅️


bees in a forest using Sapixcraft resource packforest using Sapixcraft resource pack

(Screenshots are using Sapixcraft, Lush Foliage Add-on and Complementary Reimagined shaders) 



Thanks for reading and downloading, Have a nice day!


- Sapix