rotrBLOCKS 256x/128x PBR/POM

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Update every 2nd day of the month | Обновление каждое 2 число месяца
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rotrBLOCKS is a PBR/POM resourcepack that won't take away your vanilla style, but will make it so much better!
Some blocks are different from the original, like any foliage or garden beds, but in general, I try to make the texture as similar as possible as if it were the original, which was compressed to 16x.
80% of all textures are my own work in Substance Designer, where I create materials from scratch from noise and masks. But there are some textures that I collect from various photographs from the Internet, such as wheat, grass, foliage.
I like what I do and I am very glad that there are people who are ready to support my work! Thanks to you, I am ready to spend more time on rotrBLOCKS and update more often!



  • Take screenshots and publish them on any website
  • Create a video and upload it to any website
  • Create live streams on any website
  • Monetize videos / live streams


  • Edit / Derive packages based on rotrBLOCKS packages
  • Upload the rotrBLOCKS package to other sites without my permission
  • Introduce yourself as a developer / founder / creator of the package
  • Use any part of rotrBLOCKS for profit
  • Use services similar to Adfly to redirect to an official source


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