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33,650 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 26, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5


Change the appearance of animals that have existed in MINECRAFT.


The end result may be a large entity modification resource pack that includes hostile mobs, but that's for the foreseeable future.


The basic change is that all mobs have no white eyes and add knee joints to their hind legs.



Bees will no longer be covered in this resource pack. Because there is more than I think. It's the "Swarm of Bees". I can't make a better bee than this.

 ハチは今後もこのリソースパックでは扱いません。なぜなら、私が考える以上のものがあるからです。それは「Swarm of Bees」です。これより優れたハチを作ることは出来ません。



It is necessary to install Optifine. further,

Option>Video Settings>Quality>Set both [Random Entities] and [Custom Entity Models]to ON

Must be.






If only one texture for each animal is loaded, press F3 + T to reload the resource pack. After that, the texture should load normally even if you save and restart. If you know how to solve this problem, please let us know.





:::::::::::::::::::::Version 9.0:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Parrot オウム

To clarify the confused parrots and parakeets, I reviewed the feathers on their heads.
I made the tail feathers too short.Two new colors have been added.

Polar Bear シロクマ

The polar bear's legs were too slender, so I made it a little thicker and made a hump at the base of the neck.

He shortened his body and instead lengthened his neck, causing his head to point slightly downwards.

Llama ラマ

The legs of the llama are thin, the torso is a little big, the neck is thin, and the ears are thin and long.


::::::::::Option File:::::::::::::
It is a resource pack to lighten the color of wool and give it a more natural impression. Thanks to "Zoukyou" for creating this.
If you want to use it, place it on top of "Renewed Animal".
これを使用する場合、「Renewed Animal」の上に配置して下さい。

Wild Dog Converted Wolf
This file replaces wolf with dog appearance. The only thing that changes is the appearance, data is a wolf.
If you want to use it, place it on top of "Renewed Animal".
これを使用する場合、「Renewed Animal」の上に配置して下さい。

Sheep ヒツジ

Originally there are many kinds of colors, so I changed only the shape.


Added mouth parts and ears.The legs are thin and the torso is thinner when the hair is cut.




Cow ウシ 

 Children haven't horns. Also, a little more Holsteins will appear.


Mouth parts and corners have been added, the volume of the torso has been increased, and the legs have been shortened.


Texture was too simple and flat, so I fixed it.




Pig ブタ

 Black appears at a slightly lower rate than pink.Added mouth parts and ears. The legs are short and the torso is long and thick.


 Resolved an issue where black pigs were no longer appearing.




Chicken ニワトリ

It is yellow when it is a child, regardless of the color when it grows up. Also, when it grows up, white is the most


Added comb and tail feathers. I made the beak smaller.chick's beak has been made smaller.(Ver6.0)




 Horse ウマ

Same color as vanilla will appear. Zombie hoses and skeleton hoses use the same model.saddle’s design  has been changed.


 The legs are slightly thinner and longer.The back half of the body and the area around the mouth are also thin.


 The coccyx of the skeleton hose now moves.I forgot to add the black horse texture, so I added it.


 Fixed a display bug in the foal's legs.




 Rabbit ウサギ

Rabbit. I changed the shape of my head. I shortened the forefoot and narrowed the distance between the forefoot.


Raised the location of the tail. I attached fangs to the murder rabbit.




Donky&Mule ロバとラバ

Narrowed front and back of body so that the belly looks big. Tail has also become thinner, making the base color the same as the body.
From Ndixon2007 on Discord, I got the correction of the description error in the file. Thank you very much.
Mule’s body shape is between the donkey and horse. As a result, it remains almost vanilla, but the ear length, tail, and hind legs are clearly changed.

Fox キツネ

Fox has a slightly smaller head and a larger mouth part. Also, I lowered the ear's position  a little behind.
Torso is thinned so that legs look longer. Also, neck position has been raised a little. The tail is elongated.
Raised head makes the item with the fox in its mouth appear to float in the air, but I can't fix it.

Panda パンダ

Head is widened and the thickness is reduced. The mouth is thin and long.
The panda's torso was split in two, and the back was raised to make the belly bigger.Widened the distance between the hind legs.
I made the black part around the eyes smaller,and black pattern on the back thinner.

Squid イカ

I changed abdomen shape ,making two legs longer and the other shorter. I also added fins.Texture has changed significantly.

Dolphin イルカ

I made all the fins smaller and made the back half of the fuselage slightly longer.Head curve is made gentle and mouth parts height is raised.

Wolf オオカミ

I raised head position and increased neck volume. I made tail thicker and legs thinner. Texture r
esolution has been increased only for eyes.
All are gray, but increased variation in fur color. White wolves like vanilla are rare.

Cat ネコ
Body and legs thinner and shorter. Ears direction has been changed to make mouth parts smaller. Increased eye resolution.

Ocerot ヤマネコ
Body was slimmed down and the head made same changes as cat. Other than that, it's the same as vanilla, so it's bigger than a cat.

Turtle カメ

Front fin
position is slid forward,and shell is thicken.Added a color pattern. It is brown and black.

Bat コウモリ

I changed wing shape , made head smaller, and changed ears position.

Salmon サケ

Eyes back so that head looked bigger. Changed fins number.Two types of textures have been added.

Puffer Fish フグ

Changed the eyes and fins of the smaller model. Added tail fins to medium and large sizes.The item icon has been changed slightly.


Cod タラ

Changed the number of fins.

If you request, I will do best to accommodate you.

PixivFANBOX 始めました。Renewed Animalへご支援いただければ頑張ります。


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