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RedXTech's 64x Faithful PvP Edit


What's up guys, RedXTech here, and this is my custom resource pack!

I hope you enjoy it!

If you like it please send me a PM letting me know :D




This pack is a remake of a few different resource packs put together by RedXTech. Here are the credits for each separate pack:

Eum3's PvP Faithful Edit:
Vattic - for the original Faithful 32x32 Pack, which makes up the original clear GUIs, and low fire of this resource pack.

Freyr29 - for the original clear GUI

MK325 - for the color-coded bow textures

TheXyrin - for the reticule and reduced fire

BenBrez - for the hunger bar

Tethius - for the potion designs

Eum3 - for the following:
- pumpkin GUI
- updated clear GUI
- lots of minor fixes and changes

Faithful 64x64:
Vattic, for the pack located here:

Playr's Custom PvP Pack:
Credit to Playr for making the pack, found here:

Faithful: Reborn Animated:
Credit goes to sewa101 here, I used the animated eye of ender, the ender pearl, the blaze rod, and the enchantment glow.

Credit to RedXTech for:
- Resizing a bunch of the 32x32 icons/images to 64x64.
- Fixing the enchantment GUI.
- Cleaning up the GUI.
- Editing some particles.
- The sword textures.
- The bone texture.
- Coloured progress bar.
- Fixing corners of inventory GUI.
- Doing everything in the Changelog.txt
- Compiling this pack.

That’s it, and please do check out the other packs if you feel interested!

~ RedXTech




To - Do:

- Obtain permission to use two of the original packs

- Find 64x64 items to replace the last 32x32 items that need replacing

- Clean up the last of the clear GUI that I resized.

- Make an updated video.

- Change song volumes.

- Re-do some stuff ;D

- Add on to paintings.

My Permission For Use:

- According to Vattic's page, the "Usage Guidelines" spoiler says that I can use it as long as there are no money making links. In that case, there are no money making links attached to this page. I also am required to provide a link to his page, which I have done in the credits section, and I have given him clear credit.

Also, since, the curseforge authors rewards program counts as a monetary link, I will delete and re-upload the pack every time if hit 1,000 downloads (if I do, that is).


- According to HiTeeN's page, I am allowed to use items from his pack, as long as it does not make up more than 80% of the edit, and I put a link to his page on this project. It does not make up more than 80%, and I have a link in the credits section to his original post.


 - I have requested permission from Eum3 to use his pack's GUIs as a base for mine.

- I have requested permission from sewa101 to use the animated eye of ender from his texture pack.

I will post updates as I get new information.

 Permission For Distribusion:

I give you my permission to distribute this pack, as long as you have made some noticeable edits, and explicitly state in a credits spoiler (or not in a spoiler, whatever works) that I (RedXTech) compiled this pack, and proof of credit from all of the other people who's packs I use in this pack. I cannot speak for them, you must do that yourself.

You may not be making money from that re-distribution, as par to Vattic's rule on the distribution of his pack.


 That's it! I hope that you enjoy it!

~ RedXTech



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