Rainbow Shields

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507 Downloads Last Updated: May 29, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Hi! This pack requires Optifine to work and changes shield to one of 34 rainbow designs!


The pack is based on the Mo' Shields created by Bold_Muddy and fooflive!

So make sure you check their work!


Rename your Shield as:


  • 1978 Gay Shield, 1979 Gay Shield, Gay Shield, Inclusive Shield, Progressive Shield, Straight Ally Shield,
  • Gay Man Shield, Lesbian Shield, Bisexual Shield, Panromantic Shield, Pansexual Shield, Polysexual Shield,
  • Asexual Shield, Demisexual Shield, Greysexual Shield, Aromantic Shield, Demiromantic Shield, Greyromantic Shield,
  • Abrosexual Shield, Polyamory Shield, Omnisexual Shield, Genderfluid Shield,
  • Transgender Shield, Transfeminine Shield, Transmasculine Shield, Demigirl Shield, Demiboy Shield, Bigender Shield,
  • Pangender Shield, Deminonbinary Shield, Nonbinary Shield, Intersex Shield, Genderqueer Shield, Agender Shield


to get a shield that suits you best!




Happy Pride Month!

Hope you like it!




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If you need help with the pack, private message me! ♡