Qwuiblington's Ultra FPS Optimized Block Model Pack

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video showcase by me


this is a resource pack that reduces the detail of many block models with relatively high polygon counts, to drastically reduce the lag they may cause


because of the nature of minecraft, the effectiveness of this pack will vary a lot depending on what world you're in. default terrain will have little difference. a fancy build with a lot of detail could see an fps increase of around up to 40%. in the most extreme cases (a full world of complex blocks), your framerate could triple


in general, the more blocks you see that aren't just standard cubes or slabs, the more effective this pack will be at reducing lag. the list of blocks changed is very extensive, with hundreds of model files, depending on the version of the pack


this is the ultra version, which is meant to push face counts as low as possible, using flattened models & custom textures. there is also the standard version of this pack, which features blocks closer to their original shape, as well as general texture pack compatabilty


full list of the blocks & their face counts compared between default & both versions


if you want to give feedback or point out errors, i'm most likely to see it on youtube comments as they give me a notification & i don't spend a lot of time on this website


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