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Uploaded by The_Baa
Uploaded Nov 26, 2018
Game Version 1.13.2
Size 3.65 MB
Downloads 3,353
MD5 007515d77821642a160995233e77e96b
Supported Minecraft 1.13 Versions


A creator of the world should have wonderful dwelling for rest.


・This resource pack is for “Minecraft Java Edition”.

・About 32x texture. (This contains 16x, 24x, 48x, 64x textures slightly.)

・All resources run without mods.

・This resource pack contains model - json files, blockstates - json files, and sound files.

・Recommended language is “US English”. There is an edited “en_us.json“ language file.

・The display of “Glazed Terracotta” is different from default setting of minecraft. And they are not compatible with other resource packs. If you use “Glazed Terracotta” a lot, backup the save data of the world.



1.13 Minimal Fix Update


・Fixed bug caused by file name change.

・Fixed some textures of blocks, items, and GUI.

・”Various annoying grass ” from V1.7 have revived.

・The texture of the door was modified to match the trap door.

・The texture of horse was restored to default. I plan to fix it in the future.



■If you send me a message, I am Japanese, so please use understandable English.

■ This textures and sounds was made by The Baa (TRMH86). Please do not redistribute them.

■ This resource pack can be freely used for video and screen shots. For personal use only, I will allow you to use it in affiliate program. However, I will not be responsible for any damage caused by using these videos or screenshots.