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The PixPack (version 0.5)

The PixPack is a work-in-progress resource pack currently made in mind for 1.12.2 (mostly for future mod support), but versions for 1.14 and above will be coming when I finish the main assets.
It's essentially going to be my main Minecraft themed project for a while to help give me something to do that's not working on importing modded blocks into Blender for renders and such or making models, which is to basically to re-theme the default Minecraft textures into something more of my style while making it resemble the base game at the same time. It'll also help me learn pixel art along the way and give me an excuse not to use the default textures for my renders.


What can we expect from it?

The PixPack aims to have a 16 to 32-bit, Vanilla styled aesthetic to it, renaissance of the SNES, Sega Genesis and PS1 eras, modifying the textures for blocks, items and entities myself, and some blocks include CTM support if Optifine is installed.


How done is it?

This pack is far from complete, and, as of this writing, has only 550 textures or so, meaning that it's far from being finished. It basically boils down to only most overworld blocks and a handful of items. I plan to finish the overworld blocks and items next, then the Nether and End and their respective entities, as well as move on forward to mod support after that, hopefully.
Textures are bound to change from version to version as I improve, and I'd highly recommend giving out criticism on what you like, dislike and such about the pack in the comments.


Questions and Answers

“What packs are you using as inspiration?”
I’ve got a handful of packs, such as the Vanilla textures and Jappa textures, of course, the Painterly pack, Dokucraft, Unity, and others. I’ll be sure to list them off when I do remember what they are.

“Are you going to modify the paintings?”
Right now, it’s highly unlikely that they’d be actual paintings, but I’ll possibly change them into pixel renditions of some of my favorite scenes and such from various media. All credits will be listed in the document of modified textures when done.

“Will you modify the music?”
Unfortunately, no. I was debating on incorporating or releasing a pack of music from various video games I’ve collected for music disks, but I went against this, or at least am refusing to upload it publicly, mostly since I don't want to get into copyright trouble, and I very much doubt that I can get the permission of some of the artists I’m thinking of. Maybe I’m misunderstanding it, I’m not sure.

“Are you going to modify the GUI?”
Asides from modifying GUI elements that are connected to various blocks (like the options background and water overlay), that’s a bit last on my priority chart, unfortunately. I’ll rather work on getting all the textures done before doing it, and I don’t have a good idea of what the GUIs in the pack would look like at the moment.

“What about mobs? Will you modify them too?”
Again, this isn’t too high on my priority list, and I’d rather get the block and item textures done before modifying them… well, if I do get ideas on how to change them.

“Will you add mod support for your resource pack?”
Definitely! Right now, I’m looking to start with Chisel and Better Foliage once I finish the base game assets, but I’ll likely do other mods as well. My vision for them is either for each mod to be separated into different resource packs or to put them all into one giant texture pack so the main download isn’t overly bloated with modded textures that an average player wouldn’t use, especially if they were just looking to use Vanilla.

“When will there be support for 1.14+?”
When I finish all the base block and item textures for 1.12, I’ll start to port it over to 1.14 and above. Granted, that doesn’t mean I’ll technically stop working on 1.12 since there are mods that I’d like to retexture for my own uses that might be exclusive to 1.12 (and/or older) and for others to enjoy.


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