Pearls Function

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46 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 10, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

This resource pack is incredibly small, only changing the looks  of firework stars and the creative/survival inventories. It's meant to be used in conjuction with my Pearls Function, which is a command-block-powered add-on that you can install in your Minecraft world.


It can still be used without the function, as all it does it change the way Firework Stars look; it will still change the survival/creative inventories however. It is intended to be used for the Function as it changes the firework stars to look more like pearls.


 - Firework Stars look more round/glassy


 - The Creative and Surivival Inventories both have another slot to place pearls in.


If you're interested in getting the function, click here:


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