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Filename Pastelcraft 1.18.2
Uploaded by XradicalD
Uploaded Apr 27, 2022
Game Version 1.18.2  
Size 10.19 MB
Downloads 14,289
MD5 9c3b2d97ab307b01c4ab632499ac2c5a
Supported Minecraft 1.18 Versions


1.13 [Anniversary update and general retextures]
[All versions]
- Retexture some paintings (Burning skull, pointer and skeleton)
- Added panorama for all versions
- Fixed water flow texture (Used to show as 8x8, now shows as 16x16)
- Retextured raw ore blocks & icons [Java & Bedrock]
- New texture for disc "otherside"
- Change effect particle (Star particle)
- Retouched some glazed terracota textures (Highlights)
- Acacia, Birch, Jungle, Dark oak and Oak Planks retextured
- Retextured crafting table sides
- Retextured Smooth stone slabs
- Retexture ore textures (Deepslate ores highlighted & removed background highlights on stone texture, might change it back)
- Copper ore texture changed
- Retextured Lapis block & Lapis Lazuli item
- Retextured Bricks
- Changed the "unknown pack" icon
- Updated Axolotl bucket [Java & Bedrock]
- Small retexture for Blackstone bricks & Cracked Blackstone Bricks
- Changed the critical hit particle and angry particle
- Small recolor for Golden Pants
- Retexture for Furnace
[1.12 & 1.18.2]
- Added light rim to all game menus (Inventory, chests, looms, etc)