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32x32 Outlined For You


This 32x32 resolution resource pack is designed with mod support in mind. With mod support planned for over 25 mods, this resource pack will become more and more mod compatible for use in your modpacks.

Installation & Issue Reporting


Installing the pack is very simple. Carefully follow the given steps below in order.

  1. Download the resource pack here (Select the version you want).
  2. Startup Minecraft and navigate to the resource pack menu found in Options....
  3. Once inside the resource pack menu, click Open resource pack folder.
  4. Locate and move the downloaded version of the resource pack to the folder and then close the folder.
  5. Now hover over the newly appeared resource pack and press the right-arrow to move it to the active resource packs (Make sure it’s the one at the top). Note: If the resource pack doesn’t show up straight away, click Done then navigate back into the resource pack menu.
  6. Finally hit Done and load up a world to test it out!

Issue Reporting

If you find any issues regarding the resource pack or have suggestions or wish to contribute to the project please do so via the GitHub Repository which can be found here.

Note: Please try to include helpful information in your Issue or Suggestion

Important Information

  • Minecraft 1.7.10
  • Outline v1.0.3


Mod Support

Mod Name Artist(s) Status
Minecraft SnowShock35 In-Progress
Applied Energistics 2 SnowShock35 Planned
AutoPackager SnowShock35 Planned
Bagginses SnowShock35 Planned
Baubles SnowShock35 Planned
Big Reactors SnowShock35 Planned
Blood Magic SnowShock35 Planned
Botania SnowShock35 Planned
Carpenter’s Blocks SnowShock35 Planned
ChickenChunks SnowShock35 Planned
Chisel SnowShock35 Planned
Ender IO SnowShock35 In-Progress
Ender Storage SnowShock35 Planned
Ewy’s Workshop SnowShock35 Planned
Extra Utilities SnowShock35 Planned
ExtraCells2 SnowShock35 Planned
Hopper Ducts SnowShock35 Planned
Iron Chests SnowShock35 Planned
JABBA SnowShock35 Planned
MineFactory Reloaded SnowShock35 Planned
OpenBlocks SnowShock35 Planned
PneumaticCraft SnowShock35 Planned
Redstone Arsenal SnowShock35 Planned
Simply Jetpacks SnowShock35 Planned
Solar Expansion SnowShock35 Planned
Thermal Dynamics SnowShock35 Planned
Thermal Expansion SnowShock35 Planned
Thermal Foundation SnowShock35 Planned
Tinkers’ Construct SnowShock35 Planned
Tinkers’ Mechworks SnowShock35 Planned


Outline v1.0.3

Further Improvements

Texture(s) Changed

  • Minecraft
    • Creative Inventory Finished (GUI)

Outline v1.0.2

Tweaks & Additions

Texture(s) Added

  • Minecraft
    • Beacon
    • Furnace
    • Glass
    • Gravel

Texture(s) Changed

  • Minecraft
    • Grass

Outline v1.0.1

Further Improvements

Texture(s) Added

  • Minecraft
    • Inventory (GUI)
    • Creative Inventory (GUI)

Outline v1.0.0

Initial Release


Outline © 2016 SnowShock35 - All Rights Reserved