Origins EnvironmentZ Dehydration Patch

This datapack adds compatibility between Origins, EnvironmentZ and Dehydration

Currently it adds 4 powers to modify temperature/thirst where appropriate: 

  • origins_env_deh:heat_resistance - Immunity to overheating and thirst
    - Added to Blazeborn by default
  • origins_env_deh:cold_resistance - Immunity to cold weather
    - Unused in Origins, but I use it in Medieval Origins Revival
  • origins_env_deh:thirst_resistance - Immunity to thirst and inability to drink from flasks 
    - Added to Enderian by default
  • origins_env_deh:water_dweller - Restore thirst bar while underwater
    - Added to Merling by default

To add to another origin including your own, add these to its list of powers. Feel free to ship your origin this way - if your origin is loaded but pack isn’t, it will simply skip over the power.


To install, it's recommended to utilize a mod that automatically loads datapacks (for example, Paxi).