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Note: Sorry about the fuss with the 1.13+ version, the reasoning for it is that I uploaded the optimise update for 1.12.2-, but when I clicked "download latest file", it would download 1.12.2-, obviously this is not what I want because the standard should be the newest version of Minecraft, so I tried re-uploading it, but it got rejected, but it's now been resolved.


What is this?

This is Open Hanging Grass (OLG), it lowers the grass of every resource pack so that the terrain looks smoother.


Why did you make this?

I am seeing a lot of resource packs lately that make the grass lower so that the landscape looks nicer, I really loved how it looks but there was one main problem: it didn’t work with any resource packs I used.


How does it work?

I lower the original overlay and add the top texture as a filler, the result is this!


What blocks does it change?

Normal grass, snowed grass, path grass, mycelium and podzol.


Can I use it in my modpack?

Yes, if it’s not behind a pay wall, optional donations are fine, but don’t make the pack pay to play. A link back to this page would be appreciated but isn't required.




- Will this lower my frame rate?

By a minuscule amount, yes, I’ve done everything to optimise the model and make it the best it can be, but I’m not a magician, it’s just more complex than the original and that’s the reality of it, most people won't notice the extremely minor frame drop.


- Will this truly work with ANY pack?

No, 99% of packs will work, but there are some asterisks, namely:

  • It will not work with variating textures; it can only use 1.
  • The resource pack must have the default Minecraft naming scheme.


- Will this look good on every pack?

No, it’s up to you to determine if it looks good, and it’s only a model, it depends on the other pack’s textures if it works well together.


- Will you (back)port to XX version?



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OLG on Vanilla world with FaithfulOLG on Hypixel with FaithfulOLG on Hypixel



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