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11,172 Downloads Last Updated: May 15, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

(If you're from Minecraft Beta or Alpha you'll probably know what this pack is about.)


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You may not remember this resource pack, this is the updated version of my old 1.8 resource pack back in planet minecraft: link



Well, it's here again, but updated to 1.16.5!

 If there are any sounds that I missed or feels off, PLEASE tell me in the comments or in my discord server. Enabling the in-game "subtitles" may also help describe which sound is off or missing!

Demo Video of the sounds(old version but you'll get the idea): Demo Video

You know what this is about, it brings back the: old doors, old explosions, old bow, old snowballs, old eggs, and the player old hurt sounds!

This only replaces sounds, no texture changes or anything.

If you still don't like the sounds as of today, then this sound pack is for you!


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Feel free to include this in your modpack or recordings!




Q: Will you update to 1.16 and above?

A: Soon, once I have the time to install that version and check what needs to be changed. As of right now, I am not as active in minecraft for the time being. (Maybe when 1.17 is released I might have more interest again)

UPDATE: 1.16 is here!



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