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Filename okami 1.12.zip
Uploaded by vanima_permai
Uploaded Mar 19, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2   +2
Size 180.29 MB
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MD5 0ed631e08fe0a8ec4b7f543a4b30e075
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sorry ive been away dident have mutch time for any thing rly but im back again for a new update
change log
added all glazed terracotta
added new texture for spider
added new moddel for spider
added husk texture
added a horn on top of the zombies head
re did the andesite, diorite and granite blocks
added some emissive textures to some things
fixed the light maps
fixed up the paeonia, furn and syringa textures
changed red nether bricks and nether wart blocks to be a bit more plesent
changed red sand stone to make them more plesent also
fixed issue with the stone bricks being a bit too dark
(that one sliped under the radar for a while that was an old test for smooth andesite)
some textures randomize without the use of optifine
added shovlels all types
new clock
brown and silver/light gray beds have changed
added blue parrot
grass now spills over on to other blocks sutch as sand and gravel