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3,812 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 22, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2

Huge 1.12 update, Check the Changelog !

Warning ! Optifine is necessary to have all features ! 
(Planet biomes, Connected Textures, Custom mobs, etc...)


Welcome to a new galaxy !
Odyssey takes you to a Sci-Fi world, allowing you to explore 12 new planets.
Explore, terraform and build your base. 

The pack is in development as it is in beta. The pack will be updated regularly, and so blocks, items and entities are subject to change. 


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planet according to biome


Comparator : Chair 
repeater : screen 
anvil : console 
Flower pot + Dark Oak : Gun 
Flower pot + Birch : Crate 
Flower pot + red tulip : folder 
Flower pot + pink tulip : book 


Tape these commands to get 3D items 


Blue Gun /give @p minecraft:carrot_on_a_stick 1 1 
Blue Rifle /give @p minecraft:carrot_on_a_stick 1 2 
Yellow Gun /give @p minecraft:carrot_on_a_stick 1 3 
Yellow Rifle /give @p minecraft:carrot_on_a_stick 1 4 

Facing Railgun /give @p minecraft:stone_hoe 1 1 
Side Railgun /give @p minecraft:stone_hoe 1 2 
Facing Canon /give @p minecraft:stone_hoe 1 3 
Side Canon /give @p minecraft:stone_hoe 1 4 


Central Straight Pipe /give @p minecraft:golden_hoe 1 1 
Central Turn Pipe 1 /give @p minecraft:golden_hoe 1 2 
Central Turn Pipe 2 /give @p minecraft:golden_hoe 1 3 
Side Canon /give @p minecraft:golden_hoe 1 4 
Wall Multiple Pipe /give @p minecraft:golden_hoe 1 5 
Cell Multiple Pipe /give @p minecraft:golden_hoe 1 6 


Small Wheels with axle /give @p minecraft:wooden_hoe 1 1 
Small Wheels /give @p minecraft:wooden_hoe 1 2 
Big Wheels with axle /give @p minecraft:wooden_hoe 1 3 
Big Wheels /give @p minecraft:wooden_hoe 1 4 

(use world edit) 

Brown Mushroom (furniture) 
99:0 - Blue gun 
99:1 - Yellow gun 
99:2 - Suits 
99:3 - Box Shelf 
99:4 - Potions Shelf 
99:5 - Glass Shelf 


Special thanks 
Geemium for his help with CEM
Asticol210 for his help with the text below
Catscratch for his help with the font 
Asilis for the pipe model


This pack is inspired by SMP's 2263 resource pack 
Custom sky - space edition was made by JerenVids 
Helicopter was build by Herbear on his Halo pvp map 

Music Credits :

calm1 : Red Giant - Stellardrone 
calm2 : Endeavour - Stellardrone 
calm3 : Cepheid - Stellardrone 
creative1 : Deep Space Travels - Andreas Waldetoft 
creative2 : Faster Than Lights - Andreas Waldetoft 
creative3 : Stellaris Suite - Andreas Waldetoft 
creative4 : Riding The Solar Wind - Andreas Waldetoft 
creative5 : Gravitational Constant - Andreas Waldetoft 
creative6 : In Search Of Life - Andreas Waldetoft 
credits : Traxx - Discovery (Pyramid Remix) 
end : Crystal Sphere - Stellardrone 
hal2 : Airglow - Stellardrone 
hal3: Comet Halley - Stellardrone 
hal4 : Light Years - Stellardrone 
menu1 : Mars (Bonus) - Stellardrone 
menu2 : Alpha Centauri - Andreas Waldetoft 
menu3 : Sigma Tauri - Andreas Waldetoft 
menu4: Battle For Supremacy - Andreas Waldetoft 
nether1: Messier 45 - Stellardrone 
nether3 : Galaxies - Stellardrone 
nether4: Stardome - Stellardrone 
nuance1: Cosmic Sunrise - Stellardrone 
nuance2: Ascent - Stellardrone 
piano1: A Moment Of Stillness - Stellardrone 
piano2: Twilight - Stellardrone 
piano3: In Time - Stellardrone 


You’re free to use my work in any in-game Minecraft project (video,map,server) as long as I get full and clear credit with a link to this post.
Do not modify textures, do not use textures in another pack, do not release the texture pack on its own, do not use for commercial purpose, do not use this pack in a mod/server launcher without my authorization.



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