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Novik Pack contains various model and texture tweaks for medieval/fantasy builders of Minecraft without majorly obstructing the feeling of the vanilla experience.

This Resource Pack is compatible with Minecraft 1.19 but can still be used in versions 1.15-1.18


At the time Novik Pack features:
-Grass tweaks, taller wheat crops, bushier leaves and many biome-dependant changes to the environment
-Special textures for Noteblocks with different instrument data (i.e. placed on specific blocks)
-Different look for Diorite and Polished Diorite that blends better with other stone types
-New textures for several types of Glass
-Various connected and overlay textures for blocks (Optifine Only)
-Unique custom item textures (Optifine Only)
And More!


Be sure to check out the README file in the resource pack's folder!


New Version 0.1.8 Is Out:

- updated pack format to version 9
- fixed absence of Frozen Hearts in GUI
- added Mangrove Bushy Leaves
- changed Bushy Leaves texture and model for all Leaves types
- changed Grass textures
- changed Tall Grass textures
- minor Lapis Block texture changes
- minor Lever texture changes

OptiFine Only:
- removed yellow tint for Birch Leaves in Birch Forests
- changed Grass Block CTM overlay
- minor CTM changes


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Special Credits:
"Novik Pack" subtitle created by Ewan Howell (YT page link):


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