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7,203 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 03, 2019 Game Version: 1.14-Snapshot

Today I have something innovative to show you: Note Block Displays!


This stand-alone Addon for 3D CreatorCraft adds an "Display" to every Note Block. On that Display you can see which instrument and which note the Note Block is using. This is the first resourcepack that allows you to see that. And you do not even need to install any mod to use this resourcepack. The feature to create a Block Model for every note was added in the Minecraft 1.13 snapshots. So this resourcepack is only available for Minecraft 1.13 and higher versions.


Stand-alone Addon means that this Addon is designed to be used with 3D CreatorCraft, but it also works without 3D CreatorCraft...

For more information please visit the official website:


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