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495 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 9, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.1   +2


Current Update: 0.6

This pack removes the flat pixels on mobs in Minecraft java edition and replaces them with 3D pixels. This pack is completely compatible with the vanilla texture files meaning you can remake the textures to your hearts content and the textures should not be broken and instead get converted into 3D models.


 (Optifine is Required for the pack to work)
Do also note you will need the settings bellow to be matched for the Recourse Pack to work.
Video Settings > Quality > Custom Entity Models: On

No Flat Pixels update log:

﹢Entity Fixes: Entities 0.6 [BETA]
∙Ender Man


Entity Fixes: Entities 0.5 [BETA]

∙Elder Guardian
∙Tropical Fish
∙Salmon & Cod

Entity Fixes: Entities 0.4 [BETA]
∙Fixed Texture render issues.
∙Fixed villager hat.
∙Fixed Axolotl wrong rendered pixels.
∙Fixed Silver Fish wrong rendered pixels.

Entity Fixes: Entities 0.3 [BETA]
∙Silver Fish

Entity Fixes: Entities 0.2 [BETA]
∙Wither Skeleton

Entity Fixes: Entities 0.1 [BETA]
∙Villager (all professions)


Useless update log:

Pack Changes: 0.6 [BETA]
∙Redesigned the description of the pack.
   [No flat pixels v0.~ [BETA]               ]
   [By Mr.Sandwicher (Need Optifine) ]

Pack Changes: 0.5 [BETA]

∙Added new Icon.

Pack Changes: 0.1 [BETA]
∙Added a Icon.


If you find any bugs or render glitches please tell us in the comments so we are aware of the problem!
Things to note!
-This Recourse Pack will not work with other texture packs that use .jem models for Optifine!

-This Recourse Pack does not decorate the mobs only convert flat pixels into 3D models!


This pack also works for:
1.8.-   | 1.9.-  | 1.10.- | 1.11.- | 1.12.- | 1.13.-
1.14.- | 1.15.- | 1.16.- | 1.17.- | 1.18.- |

400 downloads! That is really sick, Thanks a lot!


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