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284 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 23, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.4

ON PLANETMINECRAFT (For more updates and Sounds folder link). This Curseforge listing is the "slow update channel". Only occasional releases are here. Visit PMC for latest updates.

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What you should know:
OPTIFINE is required from pack version 0.0.9 onwards.
Pack is tested on Minecraft version 1.16.4. Initially on 1.16.3. Should be compatible with all 1.16 versions.
In the event you have multiple texture packs, this resource pack is intended to overwrite all other packs so to retexture a select few blocks and items while overwriting GUI and mob models and textures.
If you disregard this intention, do not increase priority of texture packs for mobs over this pack.


Current Version 0.0.9 Highlights
> HEGEL (Ender Dragon) ARRIVES!!!!!!!

> Villager -> Resistance Members (Phase 1)

> Animations now enabled for Medium Exploder (Creeper) and Beauvoir (Wither)


Current Highlights

> New custom GUI / HUD textures

> Highly detailed sword and bow models and textures

> New mob textures

> New block models and textures

> Celestial Alphabet particles for various objects and mobs

> New experience orb shape

> New boss health bars inspired by NieR:Automata

> Sounds and Music (separate download) from NieR:Automata applied for Minecraft items and events*

> New Pack Icon, settings menu, and advancement menu background textures

> New End and Nether (+ crimson forest) themes

With Optifine installed

> Optifine CIT functionality for bows, swords, and axes
  > Bows can be renamed as "Grimoire", "Pod 042", "Pod 153", and "Pod"
    > Alternate bow models (search here for anvil renaming options if still unclear)
  > Swords and axes can be renamed as "Beastlord", "Virtuous Contract", and "Virtuous Treaty"

> Optifine CEMs - new mob models (for Wither, Spider, Ghast, Blaze, Creeper, and more)

> Emissive overlay for glowing mob parts, mob eyes, and other items

> New overworld sky color and End dimension fog color

> Alternate experience orb color

> Loading screen colors


Important Note: Records folder, which replaces some tracks in-game, is a separate download

How to install
Step 1. Drag "NieR Automata Pack [​version number here]" to your /minecraft/resourcepacks folder
Step 2. Extract the .zip file and read the "update log.txt" file if you're updating
Lunar Tears
Cover pic captured while using 2B skin by Agatha
Some pics taken on map by xLovelights
Short Disclaimer: 

This is an expanded release of the 1.14 resource pack compiled by @EleneRemedy. This release is released in the same vein as their's: strictly "For fun". For credits and permissions, see credits.txt. For license, see license.txt




NieR is an intellectual property (hereon "IP") of Square Enix (hereon "SE").
NieR is a game developed by Cavia and published by SE.
NieR:Automata is a game developed by Platinum Games (hereon "PG") and published by SE.
Minecraft is an IP of Microsoft.
Minecraft is a game developed by Mojang Studios.


Main Menu background:
DeviantArt @Novariko
Use - [Seeking confirmation]. Concept and original design by PG.


menu3.ogg mix:
Youtube @Proto-Nematode
Use - No restrictions available. Content owned by SE.


Predecessor, paintings files, and various resources:
Planetminecraft @EleneRemedy
Use - free use, multiple creators; see below for relevant credits


Vex Elytra: (broken link/page)
Planetminecraft @The_Khuzdul1
Use - Content made and owned by Mojang Studios


Various GUI and Block textures:
Twitter @Godlanderp
MinecraftMaps @Godlander
Use - "just make sure my name is there somewhere when u publish it"
Permission confirmation:
Concept and original design by PG.


Models (originally unaltered Pod, grimoire, Beastlord models and Optifine CIT):
Planetminecraft @nongfu
Use - "If you use this pack for any project, credit is appreciated but not required."
Permission confirmation:

Sounds Records and Music for fan use (if applicable)
Made and owned by Platinum Games


All other resources are made or modified by Prototype_X9 / Deactivate (temp. Name) and influenced or based on the concept of an IP or item where noted, available, or applicable. See License.txt for resource uses.



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