Nicolas Cage Resource Pack

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5,948 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 11, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2

This resource pack puts Nicolas Cage's face on everything, and I mean EVERYTHING*.


Paintings, particles, sheep, diamond axes, you name it. If it's in Minecraft, there's a good chance it has good ol' Nicky's face on it.


(This texture pack is meant to be a bit of a joke obviously. It's not meant for people to actually play Minecraft with, but it's slightly hilarious to jump on a server and just watch everything around you look ridicules)




There's a 90-99% chance that when you use this resource pack, within the first 10 minutes you will:


A) Go completely insane


B) Want to go completely insane


C) Think you have gone completely insane


Please don't sue me. Download at your own risk.









*Not actually everything because I was starting to get Nicolas Cage burned into my retinas because of how many times I pasted his face onto random stuff so I had to stop.


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