NEW TEXTURE PACK by JUN NOBLE works with 1.6+

Texture Packs
1,747 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 11, 2013 Game Version: 1.6.2

Hey Hey guys its me Jun Noble I uploaded a texture pack for minecraft new versions work for both 1.6+ and ya if you don't know how to do resource packs(which is what there called now) you can have a look at my instructions down below it would also help out a lot to point out things that are wrong in my pack so i can fix it thanks have a awesome day. OH and i just realized the zip file still says test because i was still making it at the time you can its a BETA version i guess or whatever so just forget about that one.

1: Download my resource pack or others
2: Some might stay in .zip form or extract them all to Desktop
3: Make a backup just in case.(i know i didn't)
4: Go into the game open up resource packs in the options of the menu and click it, open the folder and place the resource pack and than click it. then there you go.


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