New Default-Style Christmas Pack

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This resource pack fills your world with Christmas cheer, while maintaining the default style. If you want the Winter vibes minus Christmas, try the Default-Style Winter Pack!


Entity Model Features, Entity Texture Features, and Continuity (or Optifine) RECOMMENDED!


What’s Inside:

  • Festive Lights on Spruce trees and replacing Iron Bars (Emissive Textures with Optifine!)
  • Gingerbread Cookies and Candy Cane Sugar Cane
  • Adorable Cozy Bees & Gingerbread Creepers by Kobro
  • Wintery Environment (similar to Winter Pack)
  • Placeable Snowmen Replace Peonies
  • Candy Cane GUI
  • + More!

Note: this is a continuation of my 1.11 pack that can be found here





Some resource packs and client-side mods that pair nicely with this resource pack! 

  • [Resource Pack] 🐝 Cozy Bees!: adds adorable sweaters to bees. (Optifine Required)
  • [Resource Pack] 🎅 Wearable Christmas Hats: changes the pumpkin model to be a Santa hat!
  • [Resource Pack] ❄️ Soft Weather: makes snow (and rain) much nicer to look at.



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