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7,109 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 1, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2

Naturalized is a Minecraft Resource pack that changes the default look of Minecraft to be a bit more natural. It changes the feel of the game in a way that is a bit more pleasant to the eye. 

Naturalized (originally called Vanilla Addon) was started by Jeffyjeff. Because I didn’t like the default look of the Moss Stone (this is also why the icon of the resource pack is moss stone). After that, some new flowers came along and it started to become an add-on of the Vanilla look.

Be sure to also check out the Animation addon " Link Removed: " and also the GUI Pack " Link Removed: ".


Naturalized changes and adds:

- Natural looking Moss Stone and Cactus
- Recolored End Stone blocks to fit Sand
- Changed Water Texture
- Custom Sky
- Custom Lightmap (Shadows look more natural with a blue tint)
- Custom Biome Colors (Colder biomes grass is more blueish)
- Tallgrass has random heights
- Certain flowers have more textures
- Sugar cane has a different top texture
- Log side has a shadow that connects when next to eachother
- Log top is rounded

- Planks have random textures

- Stonebrick have random textures

- Dirt and Coarse Dirt have random stones
- Lilypads can have flowers
- Pumpkins have no face
- The Nether is a bit lighter and has a natural blue tint
- Lava is more red (less spaghetti sauce)
- Quartz blocks have no border
- Oak and Iron door have glass in the windows
- Moss Stone has a grass overlay when next to Grass (Same for Podzol and Mycelium)
- Wool is recolored

- Tools start breaking when they have little durability

- Arrows have a stackable item texture

- Sand has random shells on it

- Grass has random flowers and stones  on it

- A custom Polarbear texture when a Polarbear is named Brown Bear or Fred

- Wheat is higher then 1 block and recolored

- Neutral colored End Rods

- Potions have a cleaner texture (From my CleanMC resourcepack)

- Java Edition is changed to Naturalized

- Rain is less noticeable (Great for keeping rain on in videos)




Resource pack should work with any version from 1.7 on eventhough it says its incompatible 

!!!!Certain features require Optifine to work!!!!



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