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mullak99's Faithful is a variation of the popular Faithful 32x resource pack. It aims to remain close to feel of the original Faithful 32x pack, with a few twists to suit my preferences.
I have also decided to (mostly) follow the Pre-JAPPA (Pre-1.14) texture style (most of the textures are from older versions of Faithful).



Recommended and Beta


The latest recommended and beta versions can be found on the within the CurseForge downloads.
Alternatively, they can also be found on the GitHub page!


The absolute latest versions can be found on my personal server. They will contains the absolute latest textures and models, but some may be unfinished or broken.

You can download the latest version from here.

Combat Test


The latest version of the pack compatible with the Combat Test snapshots can be found on my personal server. They are typically Experimental builds with the additional UI textures for the Combat Test.

You can download the latest version from here.

Minecraft 1.8 Compatible Versions

Minecraft 1.8 Compatible versions can be found on the mullak99's Faithful 32x 1.8 Backport GitHub page.
The 1.8 Backport project is still a work-in-progress.


Legacy Versions

The first version uploaded to CurseForge was v1.15.3. If you require an older version they can be found directly linked here.
Old versions are no longer supported, so any issues you encounter should not be reported to the issue tracker (unless it is still an issue in the latest version).
If you want an updated version releasing for a specific version, let me know, and I'll see if I can backport the latest textures and models.

Minecraft 1.15.x

mullak99's Faithful 32x v1.15.3 - GitHub

mullak99's Faithful 32x v1.15.2 - GitHub

mullak99's Faithful 32x v1.15.1 - GitHub

mullak99's Faithful 32x v1.15 - GitHub

Minecraft 1.14.x

mullak99's Faithful 32x v1.14 - GitHub

Minecraft 1.13.x

mullak99's Faithful 32x v1.13 - GitHub

This section is a Work In Progress.
Older Versions can be found on the MinecraftForum page for now.
(Download > Old Versions)



If you notice any issues with any of the textures or models, please report them on the issue tracker linked above.

Important Links

Main Website (WIP, currently links to GitHub)
Latest Versions
MC1.8-Compatable Versions


- Vattic's Faithful (Now maintained by The Faithful Team & xMrVizzy)
- AntVenom's FaithfulVenom
- xDowsey's Faithful



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