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Moonlight's Rift is a texture pack that will be updated weekly

I am getting to busy to update weekly, but I will update when I can. I will try
any logical suggestions that any of you comment. If the change looks
crappy, and I dislike it, I will leave it as the original texture (as long
as the origonal is not more crappy than the new one). A list of what
I definitely will change is stated in this post. I will also provide why I
want to change it. If you are against that also, then comment and I
will see if I can do something in between. If many people
comment the same thing, there is a more likely chance for it to be
changed! Thank you. 



What is done? Here is a list:



+ Anvil
+ Slightly Damaged Anvil
+ Very Damaged Anvil
+ Beacon
+ Bed
+ Bedrock
+ Beetroot Plant
+ Bookshelf
+ Brewing Stand
+ Brick
+ Cactus
+ Cake
+ Carrot Plant
+ Cauldron
+ Chain Command Block
+ Chorus Flower
+ Dead Chorus Flower
+ Chorus Plant
+ Clay
+ Coal Block
+ Coal Ore
+ Coarse Dirt
+ Cobblestone
+ Mossy Cobblestone
+ Cocoa Bean Plant
+ Regular Command Block
+ Comparator
+ Crafting Table
+ Daylight Sensor
+ Dead Bush
+ Diamond Block
+ Diamond Ore
+ Dirt
+ Podzol
+ Dispenser
+ Acacia Door
+ (Top only) Tall Grass
+ Dragon Egg
+ Glowstone
+ Grass Block
+ Snowy Grass Block
+ Gravel
+ Acacia Log
+ Dark Oak Log
+ Birch Log
+ Oak Log
+ Spruce Log
+ Obsidian
+ Sand
+ Snow
+ Stone
+ Stone Brick
+ Grass
+ Flowing Water
+ Still Water
+ Grass Path
+ Large Fern
+ Orange Tulip
+ Red Tulip
+ White Tulip
+ Pink Tulip
+ Poppy
+ Iron Door
+ Oxeye Daisy
+ Lava


+ Ender Dragon
+ Bat
+ Beacon Beam
+ Elytra
+ Creeper+ Squid
+ Peony
+ Paintings (DISCLAIMER: None of the paintings are mine (because I have no artistic ability :P))
+ Underwater
+ Dark Oak Leaves


+ Gold Helmet


+ Moon Cycle


+ Options Background
+ Health
+ Armour symbol
+ Animal-health
+ Player-Ping
+ Server-Ping
+ Cross-hair

  • Clay Block - The color is too mono. It needs more detail and such
  • Command Blocks - The texture moves outside of the center square (the part that should move)
  • Crafting Table - It is just ugly.
  • Acacia Door - Just needs a bit more detail
  • Gravel Block - It just looks a little odd... Like speckled stone.
  • Stone Block - Add a bit more detail
  • Creeper - The creeper just looks bad.
  • Once again, The Moon -The "glow" does not show nicely.


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