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MinunCraft: v1.6.2


A link to the Item List is in the resource pack folder

But you can also access it with this link here!
Keep in mind there are multiple tabs in the spreadsheet.

Discord Link
Here I upload previews of new textures, and you can request new things for me to add, submit bug reports or ask for help.


PlanetMinecraft is the main place I use for my resource pack (and other stuff) I update that first and have a tendency to forget about CurseForge. 

Requires the latest version of Optifine for most features!
Features 1700+ custom items and counting via Optifine

These items come from or were inspired by:
  • The real world - Foods, Real-world materials, Holiday-themed gear.
  • Video Games - Fire Emblem, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Terraria, Xenoblade Chronicles, Legend of Zelda

  • TV and Anime - Amphibia, Steven Universe, RWBY
  • Things from existing Minecraft mods and maps - Vechs' Super Hostile, Aether
  • Fantasy - Mythril, Angel Halos
In addition to this, there are many things made up things completely unique to this resource pack such as:
  • Ashwood Weapons
  • Fyrite Gear

Fyrite Gear

  • Cherryruby Set

  • Various custom swords
Re-textured Vanilla Textures, that still fit into the existing Vanilla feel
Some notable additions:
  • Many, many parrots
  • Signs that better fit with the new 1.14 Jappa wood textures.
  • A traditionally diamond-shaped diamond
  • All weapons and tools types look different.
  • Creepers that blend in a little better.

  • Apple is completely different
  • Less orange cookie
  • Chests have a wooden plank texture
  • Nicer looking flint that looks like the original.
  • 'Rougher' looking prismarine
Random Block Variation
A few notable additions:
  • Different cake tops
  • 100+ red mushroom block textures (I got carried away)
  • Many flower variations.
Variations on Vanilla items
  • Enchanted books are subtly different based on enchantments.
  • Variations for each vanilla wood type for bows, swords, shovels and axes