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Reimagined is as the name suggests, a reimagined vision of Minecraft to simply feel more lived in and alive. Reimagined is a quite big pack and have hundreds of features. From hundreds of randomized mob and block variants, to dozens of animated blocks & items. To even the small things such as consistent color palettes, pixel consistency, loads of retouched and updated textures aswell as models!

The vision for Reimagined is to hopefully be able to immerse yourself as much as possible in Minecraft's cube world, while still trying to stay true to Minecraft's core simplicity and feel.


A couple of notable features:

Animated Torches:

Animated Blocks:

Immersive Items:

Visual Leaf Decay:

Mob Variations:
Ore Variation:

Remade Crops:

Connected Textures:

More Unique Textures
And much, much more!



It is recommended to play on the US English language, since I've renamed and modified a few text colors and names, some of which affect the gui!



Special thanks:


-un_roman, (PMC) for being super kind and creating the Reimagined text logo!

-RickyMemester, (PMC) for letting me borrow a few of his original ore texture variants which I've previously used in my older "Randomize It" and modified quite a bit.

-DartCat25, (PMC) for letting me borrow his "Menus - Enchanted", as well as his "Rotating Items" shader for some of Reimagined's features to work.

-Godlander, (PMC) for letting me borrow his "Animated Skin" shader for some of Reimagined's features to work.

-Cosmoman, (PMC) has helped and contributated with loads of textures, porting deepslate ores, consistency changes and so on.

-ShrimpSnail, (PMC) let me borrow and repurpose their enchanting book cem animation from their The Great Shrimpsby pack.

-EwanHowell, (PMC) has helped me with honestly more than I can count, biggest reason I even know how to make resource packs.

-Barebones, (Resource Pack) used for the panorama.

-Complementary Reimagined for being the go to screenshot shader (ironic I know)