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394 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 7, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

MC and More is a resource pack that acts like a mod, making Minecraft easier and better for everyone.


Available for versions 1.12 - 1.17.1 (PVP version is for 1.8.x)




- Rainbow breaking particles

- Dark GUI

- A shield that has a TMB on it
- See-through Carved Pumpkins

- Changes the texture of Netherite tools
- A painting that has a 12 on it
- A bed that has an XII on it

- Adds a red outline to black concrete to make it more visible

- Splash text now says "TheMarksmanXII"

- Armor bar is now invisible (Non-PVP)

- Changes the crosshair

- Resource packs without icons now show a Grass Block as the icon

- Servers without icons now show the Grass Block as the icon.

- Makes the sword texture slightly smaller (PVP)

- Hides "Java Edition" text from the main menu title
- Armor is outlined so you can see your skin with armor (Non-PVP)

- Glass is clearer

- Ores have outlines
- Credits now have "TheMarksmanXII" as the creator of MC and More, and "The Mean Bean" as the artist

- Bows and Crossbows change color as they charge (PVP)

- Hides potion particles (Non-PVP)




- This pack has many textures from other resource packs, a full list can be found here.

- The "XII" and "12" and "TheMarksmanXII" visuals are only for promotion, you can customize some of these yourself and for help on how to do that you can Direct Message me asking for help with customizables in Discord (TheMarksmanXII#0249)

- For any further help, please join the Discord server by clicking the "Wiki" button or going to this link.