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*Disclaimer: Mincraft 4Kids: Genesis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International License all rights Reserved To Alree The Original Owner/Creator Who is not around anymore they have been away from the Minecraft community for a decade now and it is under Fair use. We don't take any credit for the original release and the revival release we do have the right to recreate and edit the pack as stated in the NC License. please be mindful and Moderate Closely as this pack is New and it is upload-able with or without permission from Alree whom is longer with us.*

                      the stroy

Minecraft 4KIds was First Released by Alree, his kid was scared to play the game when ever he would encounter the mobs so him being an amazing father he made a pack just for his son. it was revived for 1.8 but since then it was dropped and Ethiokea444 and I have be working for about 2 years on this back getting everything up to date and its finally here! This is the 2nd time the pack is being revived and i think it is the packs Genesis. we done all we could to bring the nostalgic feel of the beta version of this so we loaded the pack with BETA sounds down to the Steve "hurt" grunt. we are proud to release this pack to you all!


we take zero credit for this pack we just filled in the missing pieces but as 1.16 draws near we will need all the support we can get so i'm asking to get the word out and just click download and enjoy Minecraft as i once saw it as a 12 year old kid playing the beta i wanted this so bad in the new versions and no one has done it but us so like i always say, "if you want something done right, do it yourself (with Ethio)

*Optifine is required to get the best experiences out of the Minecraft 4Kids Genesis Texture Pack* (the Pre-Release for 1.15 is out for Optifine under "Old Versions"

Support Us Here https://discord.gg/6bNYgZSD4w on our discord where you will find a Bug/Issues Channel to help us fix the pack as its new and there might be some fixes that need to be made! As this Texturepack will not be forgotten it will be updated religiously so please join the discord and report issues and if there needs to be any fixes with some textures

All rights reserved to Alree