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Download all versions (1024x, 512x, 256x resolutions) HERE

Available on Gumroad


A LEGO inspired texturepack for Minecraft!






MineBricks Texturepack will transform your worlds into extremely realistic, shiny, plastic bricks. For free!



SEUS PTGI (or PTGI HRR Test) recommended.

will work with Nostalgia shader (and look decent as well!), SEUS Renewed, Chocapic Shaders (without reflections), BSL and more

  • Options > Video Settings > Detail settings > Alternate Blocks must be turned ON
  • Options > Video Settings > Detail settings > Trees: Fancy or Smart
  • SEUS PTGI Shader Options > Raytracing Options > Geometry Trace Quality: 0
  • If you are getting OpenGL errors go to:
    Options > Video settings > Others and then click "Show OpenGL Errors" and turn it OFF