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This is a collection of a few resources and patches specifically made for the Mercury's Odyssey modpack. Tweaks include:

  - Retexturing of the Betterquesting Quest Book, Loot Chest, and Loot Chest opening GUI 

  - Retexturing of the WCT Wireless Universal Terminal for AE2

  - Retexturing of a number of Draconic Evolution items 

  - Retexturing of the RFTools Syringe

  - Retexturing of the Party Pickaxe

  - Changes to several ProjectE items, including the Project E guide book, red matter armor, and more

With more features to come in the future.

As you can tell, Mercury's Assets is a small resource pack meant to be unintrusive yet useful. Quite simply, it fixes many minor texture annoyances I have found in common mods. If you're interested, the images tab features a showcase of many of the changes that have been made to default textures in this pack. After reviewing the changes, go ahead and download it if any of the alterations I've made are to your liking. If there is something you don't like, feel free to remove it from inside the pack folder.


TL;DR, Mercury's Assets is a small yet useful Quality of Life pack for modpacks.



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