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Medial is a 16x resource pack with smooth textures and bright colors.

Recommended Add-on : Optifine for connected textures

Please, report if you see bugs 😉

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Texture pack
Last Update

•skeleton, zombie and sneaky creeper
•darker alternative cow
•last stages of wheat
•adjustment of some concrete powders
•more natural paths in grass and sand
•bug fixes (dark oak door)


Add-on-decorative (for all textures 16x)

decorative dyes
decorative blocks for double wooden slabs, granite, andesite and diorite



alternative stained glass panes (with Optifine)


In the texture the windows are in version 2.
If you prefer the previous version (1) of the glass block (or for some buildings where it could be better) this is the add-on to install before the texture pack.









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