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Redesigning the texture of Minecraft based on material Design, focusing on providing a clean and refreshing look of Gui.

Unique color from material design for each block, the immersive experience between your inventory and the block in front of you.

Enjoy your time in Minecraft when your eyes enjoy this beauty of Gui







Version 2.0 now available!

Circle Update.


  • Rounded everywhere! Rounding is the future of Material Design since Android Pie comes out.
  • Immersive colors in inventory for each block! White grid now is gone, you won't miss the number anymore.  
  • Creative Mode Gui and Menu Rework. 
  • And a lot more!...

 Menu Update.

  • A brand new colorful look of the main menu!




Mod Support now available!

@Applied Energistics 2.


  • Finally, the first mod that Material support comes out to be Applied Energistics.
  • Redesign all Guis of Applied Energistics to be Material. 
  • More images in the update log.



@Wireless Crafting Terminal


  • Usually you have it with AE2 so here's the Material texture for it. 
  • Draw items in Material as well, tell me whether you like it or wanna keep the default. 
  • Armor slots will look better next version I guess. 


Definitely see images for more information. 

Comment your feedback!


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